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Parco, Parco

Island of Stromboli, Sicily

5Days of dan5ing, swimming, relaxing, being, meditation, good food e celebrations and on top: a visit to the crater of the Volcano!

Stromboli is a magical Island in Sicilly with a live Volcano that stands with giant power, natures firework explode with unpredictable leaps. It is an exciting and charming place to retreat, with amazing fresh food locally sourced.
The island of Stromboli is a unique and special hidden gem that will uplift your spirit as high as the volcano itself!

We are offering you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the 5Rhythms dance meditation, to use the time to centre yourself, nurture with nature, unleash creativity inspired by the island. 5 days of bliss, an abundance of life’s celebrations of the senses: taste, sight, sounds, sensuality.. all awakened to new heights.

Join us for the first 5Rhythms Summer Retreat on this incredibly beautiful and mysterious Volcanic Island

• The hours of this workshop qualify for the Waves requirement for the teacher training.
• No previous 5Rhythms experience is necessary.
• Workshop will be led in English and Italian.

PROGRAM from 19th to 23rd of September:
19th • Arrival • Opening dance session in the evening
20th • Morning & evening sessions
21st • Morning session & afternoon excursion on the crater
22nd • Morning & evening sessions
23rd • Morning & evening Closing sessions

Parco Parco
Island of Stromboli - Sicily

The island can be reached by ship or hydrofoil from Milazzo or Naples The nearest international airports is Catania.

5 Days Workshop + Volcano Excursion*** 
***The hire of the equipment necessary for the volcano excursion is to be paid by the participants

• €120 deposit

We offer assistence in finding accommodation, and traveling solution

for details please contact:
Massimo: +39 389 313 0753

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