11-13 JAN



The Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England, UK

Schedule: Friday 19:00-22:00, including open night for “one nighters”, donations, from £10, on the door

Saturday 11:00-18:00, Sunday 11:00-17:00

Workshop price: £140 early bird (valid up to and inc 31 Dec 2018), £160 full price, 5RTA members

and Spaceholders 20% discount

‘Poetry of Shape’ is a movement lab inspired by the teachings of Stillness.                                        


The 5th Rhythm Stillness is the ultimate place of refuge, where spirit moves us and connects back to source. It can be the place that we struggle with the most to be authentic, or a place where 

we fall asleep, the journey through each rhythm is door opening to the next, a map, an adventure into unknown expression in the dance, destination to be with the empty space that connects us to a more expansive state of being


Space and time to allow essence of who we are to emerge through the gateway of the BREATH SPACE and SILENCE mixed with spacious music, poetry of the body’s dances will unfold us to reveal in simple form. 



EMMA LEECH has been dancing 5 Rhythms since 1991. “I trained to teach it after some resistance to be a teacher for 10 years...finally seduced by the Lady of the dance herself Gabrielle Roth and completed the training in 2001. I fell deeper into the mystery of the dance and its healing Art form and have now been teaching 5 rhythms Waves and Heartbeat level in ...prisons, addiction programs and with children at risk, as well as those who come and dance with me in SE London at my weekly classes and workshops. I continue to follow the flow of invitations and my intuition trusting the divine choreography that has spread my wings wide. Italy has become my second home! The dance keeps me plugged in to the expansive and ever evolving artistic landscape, honoured to be collaborating with great teachers of theatre, Lorca Simmons and LiveWire.”

© 2021 EMMA DANCE. 

Tel:  +44(0)7984 593 276

"Emma, That was just superb and felt like experiencing a deeper level of 5R. Felt so connected with you and sharing such delicate magic - it really felt like being in the same room, the energy was just phenomenal. Love love loved it."

"A joy to participate in this improvisation led by Emma Leech. Starting to create from silence, from the impact of the body in space in relation to others with the world. A tool, a research I can't live without as an actress and as a human being. Thank you Emma for the deep teachings."