A 5 Rhythms 5 Day or 3 day heartbeat retreat.

There is an option to attend all five days or just Friday/Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday evening 7-9.30PM and Thursday 11am-6PM

Friday 11-6PM

Saturday 11-6 PM + evening session

Sunday 11-6 PM

In this 5 Rhythms 5 day heartbeat, we will open the pages of our hearts dance that live inside our dancing feet, dropping down connected by every limb, bone and liquid of the anatomy. Always looking for new and inspired gateways that link us back to source, essence of who we really are.

Bridging  the wave and heartbeat   map of the 5 rhythms to unfold us.

To book: www.transitio-n.org/bll

  For more information email Massimo

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"Emma, That was just superb and felt like experiencing a deeper level of 5R. Felt so connected with you and sharing such delicate magic - it really felt like being in the same room, the energy was just phenomenal. Love love loved it."

"A joy to participate in this improvisation led by Emma Leech. Starting to create from silence, from the impact of the body in space in relation to others with the world. A tool, a research I can't live without as an actress and as a human being. Thank you Emma for the deep teachings."